Friday, 27 April 2012

My Free Grazebox from Superdrug

If you haven't been to Superdrug recently, with every purchase made you should receive a voucher allowing you to obtain a free Grazebox from the lovely people at For those of you who've never heard of a Grazebox, it's simply healthy snacks delivered to your home or workplace every week. You choose from over 100 snacks that you'd like to receive randomly in your box depending on how you rate them and they send them to you. You can alter your delivery days easily, or cancel one week if you're away on holiday. This is an ideal thing for someone like myself, as I'm still on my diet and I'd like to learn more about healthy snacking.

These boxes usually cost £3.79 a week including postage, which isn't bad in my opinion considering the voucher has given me a free box, and I also benefit from my next box being half price! So I'll be keep my subscription for another week at least, as what I've tried so far is delicious.

Another great thing about these boxes is how personal they feel, practically everything had my name on it (which is a shame because I promised I'd share it with Mr. CBT, perhaps a second subscription is in order?)

They also send a little table with all the nutritional information for each snack sent to me, which is great for those like myself who feel the need to dissect the packaging on certain 'healthy' items. Feel free to make it bigger if you want to have a read.

I love pistachios, I could probably eat them all day. The only problem I've found with them, is their salt content which sends the calorie content flying. But these are much healthier and have plenty of genuine barbecue flavour.

I've not eaten flapjack in years now, but now I remember why I used to hog it all to myself after just purchasing it from ASDA. This flapjack was soft, chewy and sweet, everything a flapjack should be. Yum!

This is definitely one of the plainer items in my box, but it was still nice to have something on the safe side. I'll probably untick this one to be sent again, but otherwise it was really nice.

This was by far the dark horse of the box, something as far as my culinary experiences go was a big leap. It was so worth it, this is probably my favourite out of the entire box, when mixing all the ingredients together they compliment each other beautifully, I almost forgot how well dark chocolate and berries go together.

So for anyone else on a health binge before summer or if you just want to try a grazebox so you can score free grub, get down to Superdrug now and ask at the till for your voucher, free with any purchase. If you're not totally convinced, just check out some of the available snacks over at


Beauty Fiend said...

hmm i was in superdrug yesterday and didn't see anything about this maybe ill check this offer out tommorow been wanting to try the boxes for a while now

All Made Up said...

if you're not already signed up it might be worth joining groupon. I started getting graze boxes when they had an offer of 4 boxes for a fiver. I bought 5 sets so I've had all my boxes so far for £1.25 each. Bargaintastic :)

LydiaTheStrange said...

I've never been on groupon, didn't it have some adverts a little while ago? All I ever seen on telly is that annoying wowcha advert (I'm sure it's a good site, it just has an irritating advert).

casey said...

I ordered a free graze box just before Christmas,,I thought it would encourage the kids to try something healthy. So far I havent recieved my box. I thought it was maybe because there was such a high demand for code was SOTASTYBOX. Is there any way you could let me know if I,ll recieve one yet. Thanx